School Supplies & School Bags

UNICEF recently published an article about the desperate situation of the school system in Yemen. The findings of the report are very concerning:

“The situation of Yemen’s education sector is daunting. Out of 7 million school-aged children, over 2 million children are already out of school. School infrastructure is badly damaged and learning materials are in short supply. One in five schools in Yemen can no longer be used because they are damaged or being used in the fighting or to shelter displaced families.

In times of conflict, being at school provides children with a sanctuary and a much-needed sense of normalcy. Education is essential to equip all children in Yemen with the skills they need to make a better future for themselves and to rebuild their country when peace returns. All children should have access to inclusive and quality education.”

To support the needs of Yemeni children we distribute school supplies and school bags to those whose families can’t afford them. In 2019, we reached 2300 children, in regions ranging  from the highlands of Hajjah to the sea shores of Hudaydah and the Al-Jawf and Saada areas with active fighting.