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Support Yemen During the COVID-19 Outbreak 

Yemen was already facing the world’s largest humanitarian crisis — 24.1M people are in need of aid and 20.1M are food insecure.

Then COVID-19 started sweeping the country. 

Yemen’s healthcare system is collapsing  — with some hospitals turning people away due to lack of ICUs and PPE. 

UN findings suggest that 20% of people being treated after becoming infected are dying, compared to the 7% global average. The WHO believes many more people in Yemen are affected by COVID-19 than official reports shows.

This month, we delivered food baskets to needy families across the country, as well as COVID-19 tests and PPE equipment to Aden, Mukalla, Sayoun, and Taiz. We also sent COVID-19 reagents — becoming the first NGO to do so.

With the UN and other aid groups reducing aid in the country due to funding gaps — our work is becoming more important than ever.

Please donate to our efforts, every amount helps. 

Changing Lives

YRRF provides help and support to the neediest families in Yemen who have suffered from a devastating war since 2015. With our extensive network of local volunteers across Yemen, we are able to reach those living not only in urban areas, but also remote inaccessible villages, areas with active fighting, refugee camps, and makeshift shelters, where an estimated 3.1M now live. Our services cover most basic needs — including food, clean water, medicine, education, and economic support.

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Our Mission

YRRF aims to increase awareness of the US public and policymakers about the humanitarian crises underway in Yemen, support relief and reconstruction efforts, and facilitate campaigns to bring peace to the country.

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