2019 Updates

May 2019:

We are delighted to share with you that we have distributed 670  food baskets (to sustain a family of 6 for one month) feeding at least 4020 people for the Holy month of Ramadan in multiple Governorates in Yemen. 

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April 2019:

We are delighted to share with you that YRRF is now tax exempt.  We received our positive determination this week.  Please do use our EIN for your tax credits 82-2418739.  All your donations to YRRF to date are eligible for tax exemption. 

  1. We have been able to distribute food baskets every month benefiting hundreds of families since we started, and this week we distributed food baskets to 160 families in a mountainous hard to reach village, AL-Haimah Al-Kharijiah.  I am attaching pictures that made me very happy.

  2. We were awarded a grant from the Canadian Humanitarian Grand Challenge to provide solar panels to three hospitals in Hodeidah, the poorest and hottest area in Yemen, that would provide them with 3000 liters of clean water a day in addition to clean energy. 


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2018 Highlights

We thank everyone who has donated to the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation. Your contributions are saving lives.


Water filters

We have shipped 1,300 water filters with an additional 700 on the way.

Food rations

 We have reached about 110,000 people in Yemen with food rations that sustain them for one month.  Our volunteers at Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation reached the most inaccessible areas of Yemen. Our teams traveled up to 16 hours to reach the most difficult places where no one else had provided aid. 



Food baskets

Between Thanksgiving and the end of 2018, we distributed food baskets to 1400 families and provided internally displaced children with school bags and supplies. 300 of these food baskets were distributed to families in Aslim, Hajjah, an area that borders Saudia Arabia and is inaccessible to most aid agencies.