Food Baskets, Meat & Charitable Bakeries

Since March 2015, Yemen has been experiencing a brutal war and a siege that has severely restricted the commercial import of food and medicine. This resulted in the largest humanitarian crisis in the world, with over 24 of the 30 million people in Yemen in need of aid and 19 million in need of food. An estimated 8.4 million are at risk of famine.

We provide food baskets to families in need, reaching the places that are most inaccessible either due to geography or war. Each food basket supports a family of 6 for one month. We have reached tens of thousands of families with hundreds of thousands of members all over Yemen. During the major holidays such as Feast of the Sacrifice, we distribute 2 or more kilograms of meat per family; in 2019, we reached about 5000 families. We also support local charitable bakeries and kitchens.