Happy new year from all of us at Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation. In 2023, we hope that the international community will renew calls for a just and lasting peace in Yemen that will allow Yemenis to determine their futures. Until there is a just and lasting peace, we will continue to undertake our humanitarian relief efforts and increase the reach of our programs. We thank all our generous donors who supported our work in 2022–your generosity is quite literally saving lives. 

Your generous support went far in October, November and December. Read on for detailed updates on our progress: 

Food Basket Distribution 

Between October and December, YRRF delivered 7,621 food baskets across Yemen, benefitting 53,347 individuals. 97% of our food basket distribution costs are spent on food, and only 3% on logistics including delivery. The need for food baskets remains immense, as depreciation in the local currency have made basics out of reach for many Yemeni families, especially those in more geographically remote areas. 

Supporting Orphans 

An estimated 1.2 million children have been orphaned by the war in Yemen. YRRF supported 932 orphans in October, November and December–this support enables access to basic necessities such as food, shelter, education and healthcare. It is estimated that less than 5% of orphans in Yemen have been sponsored. 

Income Generation Projects 

In many parts of Yemen, the local currency has collapsed, making basic necessities out of reach for most Yemeni families. In addition to food baskets, YRRF supports Yemeni families by providing livestock for sustainable income generation. In October, November and December, YRRF distributed 60 sheep to 20 families in Bajel-Hodeidah in partnership with Zakat Foundation. 

Winter Clothing 

Temperatures in Yemen during the winter can drop to -15 degrees Celsius. Many families struggle to adequately heat their homes due to the high cost of fuel. During the winter, YRRF distributes winter clothing and blankets to those in need. In December, YRRF distributed 3,300 winter blankets to families, internally displaced persons, widows, disabled individuals, and patients at a cancer treatment center. In all, YRRF reached people in 12 governorates with these winter blankets. Additionally, YRRF distributed 3,861 winter jackets and sweaters to children, orphans, families, internally displaced persons and disabled students in twelve governorates. 


Medical Support 

YRRF distributed 18 handheld ultrasound probes to the Yemeni Ministry of Health. Yemen’s medical system, already fragile before the onset of the war and the coronavirus pandemic, is under immense strain. YRRF has provided hospitals across Yemen with medical supplies, including masks, COVID tests, medicine and medical equipment. 

Financial Support 

YRRF is currently supporting 20 girls from 3 governorates who are completing a three-year midwifery diploma. Between October and December, YRRF also provided financial assistance in three cases of medical need, including assisting an individual in paying for their open heart surgery. YRRF also provided financial assistance in 16 cases of extreme need. 

YRRF is also embarking on a year-long partnership with Bureqa Hospital in Aden, providing support to children suffering from acute malnutrition. So far, we have been able to provide support to 20 patients. 

Thank you for supporting our aid efforts in Yemen. 

We are grateful to our partners and our donors, who enable our work. We are making sure that the world does not forget about Yemen. 

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