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Why Yemen?

In 2014, war broke out in Yemen—one of the poorest countries in the Middle East. The war has created the world’s largest humanitarian crisis in Yemen, as well as the largest outbreak of cholera in modern history. According to the United Nations and Save the Children: 80% of the population need of humanitarian aid, 20.1M are food insecure, 14M people are in acute need, 3M people have been displaced, 70% of children don’t have access to clean water, 2M children are out of school, and 10.3M children don’t have enough food to eat.


YRRF provides help and support to the neediest families in Yemen. With our extensive network of local volunteers across Yemen, we are able to reach those in urban areas, remote inaccessible villages, refugee camps, and shelters.

Our services cover most basic needs—including food, clean water, medicine, education, and economic support. YRRF also advocates for a just peace in Yemen and advocates for end to the war. We are fully supported by volunteers, including board members and staff.

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August-September 2022 Accomplishments 

Earlier this month, the UN-backed truce between warring parties in Yemen expired without an agreement to renew the truce. This is extremely unfortunate, as the truce had briefly improved conditions in Yemen. YRRF continues to work with partner advocacy organizations...

April to July 2022 Accomplishments

Several encouraging Yemen-related developments occurred last spring–first, the announcement of a two-month truce in April, the resumption of commercial flights out of Sana’a, and fuel ships being allowed into the country. Late in May, several members of the U.S. House...

January-March 2022 Accomplishments

Get a highlight of our new income-generating projects and learn more about our food distribution and orphan support efforts.

Annual Report: What we accomplished in 2021

Get highlights of what we accomplished in 20201with your donations

December 2021 accomplishments

Learn how your donations helped in December 2021, including clean water distribution, food donations, and more.

August-November 2021 accomplishments

See how your donations helped us in the last months of 2021.

May-July 2021 accomplishments

See how your donations helped us in the most crucial and dire times in Yemen

March & April 2021 Accomplishments

Get an overview of our food distribution, water projects, medical donations, and more

January & February 2021 Accomplishments

Learn about our accomplishments in early 2021.

Annual Report: What we accomplished in 2020

Get highlights of what we accomplished in 2020 with your donations

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