The period between August to November continued to be a challenging few months for Yemen. As the humanitarian crisis worsened leading to famine and extreme poverty, the value of the Yemeni rial continued to plummet and increasing fuel prices led to higher food prices and transportation costs. The need for assistance is immense and YRRF received many requests for support. 

During these three months, we continued to reach more people with essential aid. While maintaining our projects such as distributing food baskets and supporting orphans, we found successes in a few more areas: reaching schools and teachers, supporting individuals with physical disabilities, and providing aid to new areas that are difficult to access. 

Distributing food baskets in Yemen

Between August and November, we distributed 12,914 food baskets across Yemen including Amanat Alasemah, Sana’a, Taiz, Ibb, Hodeidah, Aden, Lahj, Saada, Almahweet, Hajjah, and more. These reached over 80,796 individuals throughout the country. We also provided support to 3 food banks.

Providing financial support and vocational training to orphans in Yemen

In 2019, it was found that approximately 1.2 million Yemeni children were orphaned as a result of the war. Less than 5% of these children have been sponsored. 

Our orphan support projects provide families caring for orphans under 18 years of age with funds that they use for essential needs such as food, shelter, education, and healthcare. Without this support, many of these families would be struggling to feed their members as they have lost their sole providers. 

From August to November, we provided monthly financial support to about 3,243 orphans (or approximately 800 orphans per month). We also continued our training and capacity building initiatives from earlier in the year: the solar panel maintenance course which ran through August, and the mobile maintenance course that concluded in September. We also provided vocational training to 185 students, this includes an international computer license course launched in September and women’s empowerment workshop.

Income generation projects in Yemen

Our income generating projects aim to help families become self-reliant when almost three-quarters of Yemenis are now living in poverty and over 50% are experiencing food insecurity. Between August and November, we launched income-generation projects for 266 families, including distributing sheep, launching a basket weaving program in Hadhramout with elderly women taught younger women, and more.  

Providing medical assistance in Yemen

A large part of the Yemeni population is unable to secure medicines or money necessary to receive medical treatment due to the ongoing war and humanitarian and economic crises. Import restrictions have also made medicine scarce and extremely expensive, if available. Between August and November, we also provided financial assistance to 61 families.

Providing access to clean water in Yemen

Around 60% of the Yemeni population do not have access to clean water, sanitation, or hygiene assistance. Without access to these essential services, Yemenis face a higher risk of contracting water-borne diseases. During these three months, we continued our water projects from June— supplying 13 neighborhoods with water tanks and water trucks daily— which reach an estimated 1,500-2000 people per day.  

Distributing school bags and supplies in Yemen

Due to the ongoing war and humanitarian crisis, many Yemeni children have had to leave school. Educational materials are scarce and school infrastructure has been badly damaged, used in fighting, or converted into shelter for families. 

Between August and November, we distributed 6,121 school bags to Yemeni children. The bags contain materials like school supplies and textbooks that will allow children to continue their studies. We also donated 58 medical equipment and devices to a school for disabled children. We also provided 121 educational equipment and devices to a newly established school for gifted girls.

Distributing winter clothing

Winters in the highlands of Yemen are very cold — with temperatures dipping to below 0 °C (32.0 °F). In many areas, temperatures go to – 6 °C. Yemen has about 3.1M internally displaced people with no protection against severe temperatures, and most families in need lack the funds to purchase what they need to stay warm in the winter. For example, when children go to school, they lack adequate clothing to keep them warm.

To combat this issue, we distributed 2,600 blankets and 2,700 pullovers to families and children in need.

YRRF Founder and President visit to Yemen

In September, our founder and president, Dr. Aisha Jumaan travelled to Yemen and participated in some of the activities including food baskets distribution in Sana’a. Check out the video, which details her visit:

Thanks for supporting our aid efforts in Yemen

Thanks to all our donors for the support. If you’d like to continue supporting our efforts, consider making a recurring $45 donation to support a family of 6 for one month.

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