Several encouraging Yemen-related developments occurred last spring–first, the announcement of a two-month truce in April, the resumption of commercial flights out of Sana’a, and fuel ships being allowed into the country. Late in May, several members of the U.S. House of Representatives introduced a War Powers Resolution for Yemen; this was later followed by corresponding actions in the Senate. Earlier this month, the truce, which has held since April, was formally extended for another two months

These developments are encouraging, and certainly a step in the right direction. Yemen continues to face an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, with over 17 million people facing acute food insecurity (projected to increase to 19 million by the end of the year). The local currency has collapsed in many parts of Yemen, and as such, basic necessities like food and medicine are out of reach of most Yemenis. The need remains immense. 

Over the past four months, thanks to the generosity of donors like you, YRRF was able to expand the scope of our work and deliver lifesaving humanitarian aid to more people in Yemen. Please read on for a more detailed summary of our accomplishments during this period. 

Distributing Food Baskets 

Between April and July 2022, YRRF distributed 13,674 food baskets benefitting 95,718 individuals. These distributions occurred in districts across the country, including Sana’a, Taiz, Hadramout, Dhamar, Ibb, Aden and Aljawf. 


Supporting Orphans in Yemen & Providing Financial Assistance

The ongoing war in Yemen has orphaned an estimated 1.2 million children. YRRF’s orphan support program provides sustainable support for 900 orphans monthly under 18 years of age. This support allows families to access minimum basic needs, such as food, shelter, education for the children, and healthcare. Without this support, these families would be homeless and struggling to feed their members as many have lost their sole provider. YRRF also distributed two water tanks (500 liters each) to an orphanage in Sana’a. 

In addition, YRRF provided emergency financial support to 361 people and supported five medical cases. 


Expanding Income Generation Projects

Income generation projects provide a sustainable source of income for Yemeni families. Between April and July, YRRF distributed 270 sheep, 300 hens, and 50 honeybee hives to families across Yemen.  

In addition, YRRF provided educational opportunities for women across Yemen. YRRF sponsors 20 girls undertaking a midwifery diploma in three governorates across Yemen. In June, YRRF provided a training course for 1,500 women and girls in Tareem, Hadhramout Governorate. This 45-day training course provided instruction in nursing and first aid, handicraft production, sewing, and hairdressing. 


Ramadan & Eid al-Adha Activities 

The holy month of Ramadan took place in April and May. During this month, YRRF provided 1,060 iftar (breaking of the fast) dinners at two orphanages, as well as 50 food baskets to ten charity kitchens in Sana’a. In July, during Eid al-Adha, YRRF distributed meat to 6,949 families, benefitting 48,643 individuals in 15 governorates across Yemen. YRRF also distributed meat to a charity kitchen in Sana’a.


Thank you for supporting our aid efforts in Yemen. 

We are grateful to all our donors for their support. Together we are making sure that the world does not forget about Yemen.  If you would like to continue supporting our efforts, consider making  recurring $45 donation to support a family of 6 for one month. 

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